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Aloe is very tall, especially compared to her rather short husband, Kidachi. She has teal green eyes and hair of a matching colour; her skin is a dark brown and she usually wears her hair in a very big poofy afro, with a tuft of hair gathered near either cheek to frame her face. She also wears a red and beige striped bandana , a frilly white shirt with a very big white bowtie, and loose, teal coloured flare pants. She also wears red shoes.
She has a beige apron which she wears to keep her clothes clean when she's dusting off fossils. She also has a tendancy to wear it to battles as well.


Her childhood is not shown in the anime, but she has spoken about it in the games they anime is based on so we can assume that her history is the same for both unless the anime later reveals something that contradicts this, which isn't very likely: as a young girl, Aloe inherited a fascination with bones from her miner father, who frequently brought home bones he found while working. Aloe loved how even though the bones are found dead, they told so much about the lives of the creatures they came from. This inspired her to become an archaelogist when she grew up.

Now, Aloe is the Gym Leader of the Shippou City Pokemon Gym and the director the Shippou City Museum and Library. The Shippou City Gym is situated under her library, which is filled with books on all subjects, as well as research papers. Her husband proudly claims their library has the largest number of books in the entire region of Isshu. Their museum is filled with all sorts of ancient fossils, skeletons, and old suits of armor.

The only ones allowed into her archives are those who need to study the books for examinations or research... and those trainers who wish to challenge her for her badge, who mast first pass a test there to enter her hidden Pokemon Gym.

The library itself is appended to the museum in which the old relics she discovers or receives are displayed. Her Pokemon, Yorterry, Herdierr, and Miruhog, act as guards for the museum.

When Satoshi first arrives at her museum looking to challenge her, he only meets her husband, because Aloe is away on a business trip. Satoshi meets Aloe's husband husband Kidachi when he runs screaming out of the museum because of the strange, supernatural occurences that began a few days before the scheduled opening of a new exhibit. He couldn't remember doing anything strange to trigger the haunting, but it's later revealed that he had picked up a fallen mask, which he hadn't ordered to be included in the exhibit and assumed to be only a replica, and set it as part of the exhibit.

When Aloe returns to uncover the truth, she chides her husband for his carelessness ("I thought they tossed it in as a service~ or something like that!" "You know there's no way something like that would happen!").

She realizes that the mask is geniune and one belonging to a Pokemon named Deathmas and that the Deathmas was also what was possessing Satoshi's friend, Dent, and using him as a medium to punish them for stealing its mask and "caging" it (Kidachi had placed its lost mask within a glass case, preventing the Pokemon from taking it back). She calmly orders her Miruhog to free Dent of the spirit possessing him with the attack Illuminate, before demanding that the spirit it show its true appearance and saying that it's done enough punishing.

When Kidachi realizes his mistake in taking the mask and apologizes for what he has done, Aloe follows suit. Deathmas forgives them both and leaves peacefully with its mask.

The next day, she battles Satoshi and easily beats him in a Pokemon battle, despite revealing which Pokemon she will be using before the match in a display of confidence.

After Satoshi finishes his rigorous training at the local Battle Club and challenges her again, Aloe chooses to battle him with her Herdierr and Miruhog, hoping to bring out the best of his abilities. This battle ends in a loss for her and a win for Satoshi.


Aloe has a very calm and laidback nature, but she can easily turn serious when engaged in battle. This temperment is reflected in her Pokemon's behaviour as well, as it's known that Pokemon grow to resemble their trainers. Her Yorterry is a sweet, playful puppy outside of battle and jumps into the overly friendly Iris' arms and even licks her, while many other Pokemon are usually bothered by Iris' sudden displays of affection.

But as soon as the beginning of a battle is announced, its attitude changes to a more serious and threatening one, growling and perfectly poised for battle.

When not engaged in battle, Aloe is very playful and seems to enjoy lightly teasing those around her, particularly children. She sneaks up on Satoshi and surprises him with a light shove to the back. She also annoys Dent somewhat by flippantly refering to him as "the Sommelier boy."

Her motherly nature easily lulls many challengers into a false sense of security the first time they challenge her, so many lose to her and end up having to go to the Battle Club for extra training before they challenge her a second time. That coupled with her usual combination of her Pokemon Yorterry's Roar and Miruhog's Mean Look makes her a difficult trainer to beat.

She values knowledge greatly and is quite clever herself. She's also a very good judge of character as well and tests challenging trainers by emphasizing the importance of knowledge, even for Pokemon trainers, while tapping a certain book on the shelf behind her. This gesture is the beginning of the match. Based on how a challenger reacts, she can understand their personality and gain insight to their battling style; for example, she can recognize impatient trainers prone to rushing through things by their tendancy to pick thin, easy to finish books. Most trainers usually search for a book on a subject they're already proficient in.

She and her husband correctly guess that Satoshi is a very straight -forward trainer and that he's easily influenced by others because as soon as she moves away from the bookshelf, he decides to pick up the very same book she tapped, ending the first stage of the challenge very quickly, as that book is actually the trigger which causes the bookcases to shift and reveal a hidden staircase leading down to the basement battlefield.

When Satoshi tries to immediately go into the battle, she smiles in an exasperated sort of way as she ties her apron and asks him to study what kind of trainer she is first. She even reveals to him which Pokemon she'll be using in the battle, showing her great confidence, as in doing so, she loses the element of surprise.

Still, the trainer she fights doesn't need to show which two Pokemon they've decided to use in battle, as she can force the trainer to substitute by having her Yorterry use the attack Roar, forcing the currently battling Pokemon back into its monsterball and bringing the next into the battle without the trainer having any say in the matter.

Because both sides can also substitute their Pokemon freely, she can easily pick which of the challenging trainer's Pokemon would be easier for her Pokemon to defeat.

Despite her great confidence, she is not egotistical or prideful and does not rub in her victories. She gave Satoshi a thumbs up after he loses to her the first time, and tells him she didn't hate the way he faced her head-on. His training pays off and he manages to defeat her in battle, so she rewards him with the Basic Badge.
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